Mold Supervisor Initial Training Course
Currently scheduled for March 19, 20, 21 and May 8, 9, 10, 2012

Cost: $475.00 --Payment due when services are rendered via check or cash.

Length of Training: Inspector Course =Total class length 24 hrs (three eight hour days) with 8 hrs. of hands-on training.

Topics covered in the training course are as follows:
1. Role and Responsibilities of Mold Remediation Supervisor
2. Background and Health Effects
3. Relevant Regulatory Requirements, Guidelines and Regulations
4. PPE
5. Workplace Safety
6. Building Science
7. Current Industry Standards: Moisture meters, duct cleaning, drying equipment
8. Development and Implementation of occupant protection plan & Remediation Activities Report/Recordkeeping.
9. Liability and Insurance Issues
10. Overview of Sampling/Mold Report Interpretation
11. Contract and Specification Key Elements
12. Supervisory Techniques: HEPA, wipe, HEPA mantra
13. Course Review
14. Exam

Description of Training: The REC, Inc. Training program will discuss in depth at a minimum the following subjects: Roles and Responsibilities of the Remediation Supervisor, the biology of fungi, health effects, workplace safety & PPE, building science, relevant regulatory requirements, interpreting laboratory results, mold remediation protocols, current standards and guidelines, recordkeeping, supervisory techniques, building repairs.

Description of Facilities: Training will be held at the REC, Inc. Downtown Historic Lexington. The address is 22 S Main Street, Suite B01, Lexington, VA 24450. Telephone 540-463-3336/540-463-3546 fax. Field trips will be arranged as necessary for the hands on portion of training to familiarize students with the various instruments employed and sampling techniques. In addition, we have full access in walking distance to local meals and lodging. Adequate parking is provided on Main Street, our rear parking lot, and the municipal parking garage free of charge.

Equipment to support Training Program: PowerPoint for lectures and Demonstrations, Moisture Meters, FLIR Camera, Boroscopes, Sampling pumps and media.

This Training program meets the requirements as set forth by DPOR July 1, 2011.


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